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Anna Adamczyk

By: Anna Adamczyk on July 7th, 2015

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3 Marketing Questions Sellers Should Ask Themselves to Improve Sales

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Marketers work everyday to create authentic, thoughtful messages for their brand. Whether it’s for a paid banner ad, a post on Twitter, or a new blog post on the company’s website - they’re constantly thinking of different and enticing ways to present their brand’s story.

Successful campaigns always go back to the start. What is the company’s identity? Its purpose? What’s its ultimate goal?

When marketers are creating their brand’s story, they generally ask something along these lines:

  1. How are we helping people?
  2. How do we want them to feel?
  3. How should people think of us when they hear our company’s name?

But these questions shouldn’t only be used by marketers.

As a salesperson, asking yourself these questions can provide you with invaluable insights.

Begin by asking these questions as a marketer would: from the point of view of your company.

How is the product or service you’re paid to sell helping the people that are paying for it?

Is it to make their lives easier? Keep them organized? Solve the issue of what’s the most convenient place to put their orange juice? Knowing what they’re looking for and how you can give it to them is key.

How should that product or service make them feel?

If you’re selling ergonomic office chairs the answer is probably something like: comfortable, healthy, and productive. If your offering is a SaaS solution, then perhaps your buyers should feel in control, creative, or insightful. Emotion is a powerful motivator and can be the reason someone buys or you never hear from them again.


Finally, what is the first thing a prospect would think of when they hear your company’s name?

It could be: affordable, fun, useful, etc. Knowing what your company should be associated with is essential to ensuring you’re in line with its perception.

After doing an assessment of how your company can satisfy its customers, it’s now time to turn the spotlight onto yourself: think of yourself as the brand.

How am I helping people? How should I strive to help them?

Am I sometimes selfish and simply try to shove my offering at them? Or am I providing value? Am I helping them imagine what their life will look like after they buy? Do I offer other customers’ experiences as a testament to why my prospect can trust in their investment?

How do I want my prospects to feel? How am I making them feel?

Aiming to make the client feel important, listened to, and understood should be high up your list. Building trust and a line of open communication can help make sales and perhaps even more importantly, repeat business, happen.

What do I want people to think of when they hear my name?

They shouldn’t go running for the hills. Being thought of as pushy and overly aggressive as a seller isn’t ideal. Instead something like: helpful, thoughtful, enthusiastic, or knowledgeable, should be the goal. Reflect honestly - what would your prospects or clients think about you? How can you shift your behavior to be more in line with the desired descriptor?

Taking a page out of the marketing playbook and honestly appraising both brands you present to your prospects and customers daily can help you make adjustments that will ultimately make you a better seller.

What tips do you have for enhancing your personal brand as a seller?

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