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Steve Bookbinder

By: Steve Bookbinder on May 18th, 2016

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4 Guiding Sales Principles for Creating a Success-Driven Mindset

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In order to do anything well, you need to get “in the zone”. It takes focus and the right attitude to perform and accomplish your goals.

Selling is no exception. So how can you prepare yourself mentally for sales success? Here are 4 places to start:

New Successful Mindset

1. Equal Opportunity

No one deserves success, but no one deserves failure either. Which boils down to the fact that everyone has an equal starting point.

You have just as good of a chance as anyone else to become successful. Start believing in yourself and don’t hold back. Now go for it!

2. Compete

With the first guiding principle in mind, remember this: no one will hand you success. Even from a standing start, you can gain an advantage by approaching every task as a competitor.

Take your goals seriously and set out to achieve them just like a professional athlete would. Don’t go overboard and become paranoid or fanatical, but practice and train to continuously improve. You’ll always be competing against others, but more importantly against yourself. Aim to get better everyday.

3. Your competition

Competition comes in various shapes and sizes, but one thing remains the same, your competition is out to beat you. Keep these 3 competitors in mind as you build momentum and focus on success.

  1. Other sellers. These are the usual suspects. They are your peer group competitors who are playing the same game as you. They’re always trying to get the same prospects and customers you’re after.
  2. Your old habits. These are those pesky routines that want to lock you into their fruitless patterns. Ironically even your best habits can be too rigid to allow you to update your act and improve your score in today’s rapidly changing marketplace. Don’t be fooled by habits which feel so right nor dissuaded from new strategies which can feel completely foreign and uncomfortable at first.
  3. Discomfort. This is something we all shy away from. Whether it’s trying something new and challenging or working with someone you don’t really get along with. Most people give up too easily, caving in at the first signs of discomfort. The most successful people fight through feeling uncomfortable, working through anything and everything until they get what they want.

4. Goals

Keep your eye on the prize and not just the good habits that should get you there. By setting measurable goals, you’ll be able to gauge your progress and eventually understand how you achieved success.

It’s like counting calories when you’re trying to lose or gain weight. That metric will give you a clearer picture of where you actually stand when trying to achieve your target. You’re then able to adjust and redirect yourself much more easily.

Set SMART sales goals for yourself and apply your focus strictly to them.

Setting yourself up with a sales success mindset is key to accomplishing your dreams of becoming the best seller you can be. By keeping these 4 guiding principles in mind, you’ll be one step closer.

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