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Anna Adamczyk

By: Anna Adamczyk on July 21st, 2015

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5 Reasons Local Businesses Should Invest in Digital Advertising

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Local businesses have long been using traditional media such as print, radio, and TV to advertise. Yet many are still hesitant to jump into the digital space.

It can be a bit unsettling to start spending money on something that may seem a bit complex or unfamiliar, but local businesses are perhaps the best candidates for successfully investing in digital advertising.

As a local business, why should you finally get into digital advertising?

1. It’s a complement

complement-fit-togetherDigital advertising doesn’t compete with, but works to effectively complement whatever traditional media method(s) you’re already using for advertising. Utilizing both traditional and digital marketing techniques allows your company’s message to be spread across many different channels.  If you’ve been running campaigns on local TV, pairing that with advertising on those stations’ digital outlets is the best way to see even greater success than with TV alone.

Digital advertising is perfectly in line with your local business’s geographic concerns. You’ll have more reach and the power to truly focus on the audience you’re trying to target.

2. It’s cost efficient

Think about how much time and money it took to create that TV commercial. Repurposing those efforts for a digital video ad will stretch your dollar further.

Banner ads and other formats are even more affordable to produce. Saving time and money in the production stage of the process is important. But what digital advertising also allows you to do is quickly tweak and adjust once data about the campaign starts rolling in.

3. You’ll get real time data

Traditional media provides very limited insights into how your advertising campaign is actually doing. Digital advertising, however, can be tracked in real-time to monitor a wide range of information about your audience and the campaign’s performance.

Aside from having the certainty that your ads are being viewed locally, you’ll also have stronger insight into their demographic, psychographic, and behavioral qualities.

This kind of data is not only extremely beneficial to the campaign, but also your entire marketing and advertising strategies. Having additional information about the who, how, and when of your target market will provide unlimited future potential in all of your promotional efforts.

4. You’ll shorten the sales cycle

Digital advertising is interactive and engaging. Someone can click to schedule a free consultation, request some information, or simply explore your offering and express interest.

Traditional advertising is great for branding purposes, but actually making an effort to pick up the phone to call or remember the name of your company to look up later is more than most people are willing to do.

Digital ads can get an immediate response. If you’re offering something someone’s interested in, the sales cycle will be much shorter and will help you get hot leads immediately instead of waiting for them to trickle in through your doors or the phone to start ringing.

5. You’ll stay competitive

How many of your competitors are already advertising on digital platforms?

If not all, then at least most have already gotten into the game. Whether we’re reluctant or willing to embrace it, technology and innovation isn’t slowing down. Will it completely wipe out traditional media? Definitely not. But in order to stay competitive and keep up with the times you’re overdue to start investing in digital.

If you’re already spending on advertising on TV, print, or radio - seize the opportunity to grow your business and see an increased return on investment with digital advertising.

You won’t have to stop any existing campaigns, but you’ll have the peace of mind that they’re being magnified and reinforced. Saving time and money on production with the ability to test more readily and increase your market insights is invaluable. Shortening your sales cycle by quickly reeling in prospective buyers and gaining information about them will help your local business flourish.

What’s holding you back from investing in digital?

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