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Anna Adamczyk

By: Anna Adamczyk on June 20th, 2014

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5 Websites You Should Be Checking Daily

Digital Media Landscape

browser_windows_pc_800_clr_2165-1If you’re someone who works in digital media you know how difficult it is trying to keep up with the latest trends. You might find it even harder if you began your career in legacy media. No matter who you are, staying on top of everything that’s happening in the everchanging digital space is next to impossible.

Unfortunately too many of us wait around in the dark until the next digital trend literally blindsides us - in a conversation with our boss or a client. Being caught by surprise in either situation is something we need to avoid experiencing at all costs. That means it’s time to start taking a proactive approach in educating yourself and becoming the go-to guy or gal for new up-and-coming solutions.

To help you start your journey in becoming the digital expert in your office who’s always in the know, check out these sites daily:

1. Digiday

Packed with the latest digital media, marketing, and advertising content, Digiday’s articles provide essential relevant industry information. The writing is to the point and easy to follow. One of our absolute favorites is the WTF Ad Tech series that explains digital advertising concepts so clearly, you’ll forget why you were ever confused in the first place.

2. The Advertising Tech Section of TechCrunch 

TechCrunch focuses their news on the newest and greatest from startups, apps, and mobile trends. The frequent articles always ensure you don’t miss anything. Their app is the easiest way of staying up to date on the go. We personally also love learning about new gadgets on the main TechCrunch site.

3. Adweek 

Adweek specializes in supplying insightful content for the marketing, media, and advertising fields. “The Feed” makes navigating to the most recent news a breeze. The weekly print magazine and iPad app provide additional platforms for easy reading.

4. Mediabistro 

A great hub for the entire media industry, Mediabistro has a neverending amount of information to explore. Learning about other areas of media becomes an adventure with links to bountiful resources, courses, and events.

5. Your Company’s Site

In order to truly be an expert, you have to know what’s happening on your own home turf. Checking daily for any new changes is crucial. It’s important to know what a potential client might be seeing just prior to contacting you.


Staying updated on the latest news has never been easier thanks to social media. Following all of these sites on Twitter will populate your feed with links to the information you should definitely be taking note of. Our Twitter feed will also help you stay in the know with new quick tips and links.

What are your favorite sites to visit for the freshest media news?

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