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Jennifer Clark

Jennifer Clark is a senior International Studies student at Fordham University and a Content Marketing & Social Media Intern with DMTraining. Prior to joining the DMTraining team, Jennifer helped various start-ups market themselves on and off campus. This summer, she hopes to add value to DMTraining by assisting clients with digital media education, using her status as an industry newcomer to her advantage. Outside of work, Jennifer enjoys creative writing, making art, and petting every dog she comes across.

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Digital Media Landscape | Digital Publishing

The Newest Wave of Digital Disruptors: 3 Trends Impacting the Digital Publishing Industry

By: Jennifer Clark
August 24th, 2017

Digital publishing has endured massive change over the past decade, but the disruptive innovation is far from over. Educating yourself about the future technology poised to dramatically alter the digital publishing industry is the best way to position yourself at the forefront of the next digital revolution. In this post we’ve broken down the three biggest innovations set to turn your industry on its head; virtual reality, voice interface, and machine learning. Ready to make the leap from linear to digital? Download our guide for making a successful transition here.

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