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Steve Bookbinder

By: Steve Bookbinder on November 20th, 2014

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B2B Sales & Marketing: The Keys to a Happy Marriage!

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While Sales and Marketing are very different operations, it's incredibly important that they work together effectively and efficiently in order to optimize positive results! Neither can be successful in isolation, and when the two are in synch, they become a significant force multiplier. One plus one becomes three or even more!

In a B2B environment, they "overlap" more so than they might in a B2C environment. Why? Because the market tends to be much more finite, and the value proposition is highly refined for a select number of prospects as opposed to mass consumption. The "Go-to-Market" strategy is a very sophisticated one that recognizes and respects the competencies and challenges of the businesses that are being targeted.

Marketing focuses on formulating a compelling value proposition for a given product or service. It addresses the front end of the AIDA cycle (Awareness, Interest, Desire, Acquisition). Building awareness and interest still revolves around producing and distributing the value proposition's message to as many likely prospects as possible. Marketing analyzes the marketplace, recognizes competitive threats, and moves accordingly to put forth the best value proposition possible.

Sales focuses on monetizing the value proposition, overcoming objections and obstacles in the process. Sales address the "back end" of the AIDA cycle, gauging and enhancing a potential customer's desire to buy and converting that  desire into an actual acquisition--getting the signature on the dotted line. Having a well- established and clearly stated value proposition to start this process is critical to success!

The value proposition is the common denominator that ties Marketing and Sales together. Both parties have a serious stake in this item--it's the centerpiece of their collective efforts. Given that reality, it's quite important that any activity that pertains to the value proposition is owned by both parties and not just one or the other.

Formulating a value proposition in a vacuum is non-starter. Too often, Marketing will come up with one that makes perfectly good sense to that operation, but has little relevance to the marketplace that Sales encounters every day. Sales is then saddled with a product/service that is not positioned for optimal results. And that's based on a simple lack of communication and coordination regarding the Go-to-Market strategy.

key_happinessIdeally, Marketing and Sales work together seamlessly! In the best scenario, it's almost impossible to figure out where Marketing stops and Sales starts or vice versa. The two operations are coordinated, and totally aware of the needs and objectives of the other entity. This requires managers who see the bigger picture, and realize that being "territorial" about their respective operation is a recipe for poor results or even disaster!

Marketing and Sales working together should be a circular process as opposed to a linear one.  What makes the relationship circular is that sales serves as a "feedback loop" to marketing, providing "real world" insights on product/service acceptance, customer experience and competitive information, among other important pieces of data. That body of feedback is internalized by Marketing in order to refine and improve the offerings as needed.

The marriage of Marketing and Sales should be blessed and stressed by top management. Savvy CEO's expect these operations to work together effectively and will hold them accountable for doing so.  It's a necessity not a luxury. Quite often, we hear that Company "X" is "marketing driven" or that Company "Y" is "sales driven." In both cases, one entity is dominating at the expense of the overall health of the company. Sharing the power to develop and sell a company's products and services is the key to success!

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