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Steve Bookbinder

By: Steve Bookbinder on February 21st, 2013

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4 Ways to Increase Your Lead Generation Efforts

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By Steve BookBinder, CEO of DMT

There are 4 main points when trying to generate leads: Word-of-mouth, prioritizing, networking groups and speeches.

1. Word of Mouth

The most important and cost-effective way to market yourself is by word-of-mouth. Telling everybody what you do, telling every single person what you do and giving them a card or two or three so they, in turn, can give your card to other people. The key to this, however, is summarizing what you do in some five to eight second message. This message needs to be immediately clear and easily repeatable. Now, you’re probably wondering how you are going to get your whole offering boiled down as a five to eight second message?  Well, the answer is, “practice, practice, practice,” you should try to practice on other people.  

2. Prioritizing

List your opportunities by taking a piece of paper and writing down the name of every single person you know. Write down every single person who could potentially help you get a sale. This should be someone that you currently have some kind of a relationship with. Then, take that list and break it into “A’s,” “B’s,” and “C’s.”  Now, the “A” list, this is the people that you have the best relationship with and who are most likely to be the best match for potentially buying from you. Call those people to schedule a meeting and they will meet with you because that’s the kind of relationship you have with them. Remember, don’t try to sell directly to them or put them in an awkward situation, use this as a chance to discuss opportunities. 

3. Networking Groups

Now, there are two kinds of networking groups. There’s the official and the unofficial.

On the official side, there are the kinds of groups that have 10-20 members that get together monthly or weekly and each group will have a number of members, but in some cases, only one member per industry. This is so there aren’t two people competing with each other in the same group.  Generally, the way these groups work is that you’ve got to show up to each meeting with leads that you can share. This would include a name, a phone number, an email address, etc… When people leave those meetings they walk out with a whole bunch of leads and contact details. Networking groups create the chance to meet someone that could help you or, in turn, you can introduce them to somebody. This reciprocal sharing is the ideal way a networking group works.

An unofficial networking group is where, for example, you would develop a lead swapping arrangement with an ally. An ally is another salesperson who works for a different company but their offering doesn’t compete directly with you even though you both sell to the same kinds of companies. Try to find a trusted partner to develop that lead swapping arrangement with.

4. Speeches.

Did you know that the National Speakers Association reported that for every ten people in an audience, one of them will be a lead or will direct you to a qualified lead? Give speeches. Get involved with different groups: civic groups, religious organizations, business organizations, whatever’s relevant geographically or industry wise and learn to give speeches at their breakfast meetings, luncheon meetings, quarterly meetings, etc…  There are a lot of speaking opportunities to be had and when you stand there and deliver a competent message that is confidently rendered, people will come up to you and say, “Hey, I heard you speak. Can I talk to you more?” which is exactly what you want.

If you try these 4 ways to increase your lead generating efforts, then you can’t help but make more sales.


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Steve Bookbinder is the CEO and sales expert at DMTraining. He has delivered more than 5,000 workshops and speeches to clients all over the world and has trained, coached, and managed more than 50,000 salespeople and managers. Steve continuously refreshes his training content to reflect his latest first-hand observations of salespeople across industries and regions. Through him, participants in his workshops and coaching sessions learn the best practices of today’s most successful sellers and managers across industries. Steve understands that sales is a competitive game. To outperform competitors and our own personal best results, we need to out-prospect, out-qualify, out-present and out-negotiate everyone else, not merely know how to sell. Through his specialty programs in Pipeline Management, Personal Marketing, Great First Meetings, 2nd-level Questioning, Sales Negotiating, and Sales Coaching, Steve trains sales teams to master the skills they need to overcome the challenges they face in today’s world… and keep improving results year over year.

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