How To Approach a Winning Sales Call (II) Blog Feature
Molly D Protosow

By: Molly D Protosow on April 3rd, 2013

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How To Approach a Winning Sales Call (II)

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Yesterday, we discussed why it was pivotal to know who you’re calling, the reason for the call, and how to feel for the rhythm. Let’s now look at the final two components.

3. Don’t sound like a telemarketer.   


When you’re explaining what you do, that’s great!  But when somebody asks you to explain what you do and you’re unable to unbundle this point from your sales pitch, you’re not being helpful.  Not only do you have to sell it, you have to explain it effectively.  Know the difference between these two things.  The more refined you are at explaining, the more convincing it really becomes. 

There are some people that just can’t get a clear explanation out without turning it into a commercial that makes what they’re selling incomprehensible.  That’s what telemarketers do.  They may neither understand the questions nor follow the conversation.  They’ll say to a customer, “Well, let me get back to that.  But right now, what I want to tell you is” – let the customer lead and ask the questions that they need to ask. 

4. And finally, go in with a plan or multiple plans. Have Plans B, C, and D ready and dressed to accompany Plan A.  


If you go and can’t reach the person, then what next?  If you are able to reach the person but he can’t meet with you, what’s the alternative plan?  What’s the plan if you get him on the phone, ask for an appointment and you give it your best shot, but he makes an objection?

What’s the plan when you find out that he or she is not the right person to reach out to and he doesn’t assume the type of authority you had expected?  Therefore, what do you do?  Knowing what to say for all of these various situations that come up predictably and quite frequently in telesales will help you outperform your competitors.


There are 4 things to keep in mind:

1.  Know who you’re calling and why. 

2.  Feel the rhythm of the call. 

3.  Avoid sounding like a telemarketer. 

4.  Go in with a plan.

When you have all four of these ready in your front pocket, then you’re ready to make those winning calls.



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Steve Bookbinder is Co-founder and CEO of Digital Media Training, a training partner to some of the most successful sales organizations around the world.  DMT delivers training which treats sales as a competitive sport and changes behavior needed to help sellers consistently win.  DMT is a leader in M-learning training reinforcement with a proven track record of improving sales through training. Steve has delivered more than 500 keynote speeches at national sales meetings, conducted more than 3,000 training workshops and trained, coached and managed more than 35,000 sellers and managers from leading companies around the world for more than 20 years.


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