What Do Colors Say About Your Brand? Blog Feature
Molly DePasquale

By: Molly DePasquale on May 31st, 2013

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What Do Colors Say About Your Brand?

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Have you ever wondered why your office building was painted the color that it was?

Or why you prefer seeing certain colors at different times during the day?

Has your favorite color changed over the years?

There's a whole branding strategy behind the color concept. Choosing the right color for your brand can affect its positioning and evoke certain emotions from the consumer. Marketers have been using these color insights for many years. 

Blue is said to promote a sense of serenity and productivity. Thus, many corporations opt to use this as one of the primary colors for their brand. 

Red has been shown to increase appetite and intensify emotions. Keep this in mind the next time you give a sales pitch or a proposal. Visuals have long-term implications and can produce different conversion rates. 

Read more for the insights behind colors: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/226791 








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