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Molly DePasquale

By: Molly DePasquale on June 19th, 2013

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How To Sell Digital Media (Part 2)

Digital Media Landscape | Sales Training

If you are selling media, you need to learn the value and goal of each of these desired engagements.  Now, take that information and focus your presentation on matching their goals with these four attributes of your advertising opportunity:digital_handshake-1

1. Over-indexing

2. Zero Share

3. Unduplicated Audience

4. Loyalty

Let’s look at each in detail:

  1. Over-indexing refers to measuring specific buying behaviors of your visitor’s compared to those of your peer group.  Which quality – THAT IS IMPORTANT TO A SPECIFIC ADVERTISER – does your site or network reach in greater abundance or to a greater degree than your peer group of advertising competitors?

  2. “Zero Share” refers to advertisers who are on someone else’s advertising vehicle but not yours.  Sellers need to know this in order to more strategically find leads; agencies concerned with understanding the digital landscape, separation of advertisers, and category exclusives should know this too.

  3. Unduplicated Audience. In the same way as there is always a bigger fish, there is always a bigger network that also reaches the same target your site does.  So, what part of your audience is more likely to be found on your site than your competitors' (including the network’s ad inventory on sites that are part of the “bigger” network). 

  4. Loyalty refers to the tendency of repeat visitors on an ad-supported site/network to come to the site by way of “favorites” (as opposed to first time visitors who get there via Search Engines and Social Media –check the referring codes on site visitors to see how visitors find your site) as well as engage with your content across all of your platforms.  For example, does your small but loyal audience all download your app? Do a high percentage of them view your site on a mobile device?  Do they attend your events or follow you on Twitter?

No site or network is inherently better – the question is can you do a better job of matching their goals to your offering - -and backing up your claims with real numbers and credible research sources. If you can make that case, you will be #1 in the advertiser’s eyes. Otherwise, you are #2.


About the Author:


Steve Bookbinder is Co-founder and CEO of Digital Media Training, a training partner to some of the most successful sales organizations around the world.  DMT delivers training which treats sales as a competitive sport and changes behavior needed to help sellers consistently win.  DMT is a leader in M-learning training reinforcement with a proven track record of improving sales through training. Steve has delivered more than 500 keynote speeches at national sales meetings, conducted more than 3,000 training workshops and trained, coached and managed more than 35,000 sellers and managers from leading companies around the world for more than 20 years.


About Molly DePasquale

Molly DePasquale is the Manager of Operations and Sales Training Strategist for DMTraining. She manages the day-to-day business and training operations while helping research and develop new training programs as well as refreshing signature programs to reflect the newest sales trends, technology, and best practices. Molly utilizes her wide-range of skills to create sales and marketing assets focused on delivering value to DMT’s clients. Molly has a passion for learning and leveraging new knowledge and experiences. Outside of DMTraining, Molly is a hard core Pittsburgh sports fan, enjoys staying active by running and golfing, and unwinds by reading and playing the piano.

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