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Molly D Protosow

By: Molly D Protosow on September 6th, 2013

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20 Digital Terms You Must Know Now

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mobile_devices_palm_technologyDo you and your salespeople know what content syndication, landing page optimization or programmatic buying mean? Here are 20 important digital terms you should know for your digital knowledge and company’s performance. 

Activity Audit

Independent verification of measured activity for a specified time period.


The process of understanding the combination of events that influence individuals to engage in a desired behavior, typically referred to as a conversion.

Content Syndication

Website material made available to multiple other sites in order to provide other people with an update of the website’s recently added content. 

DMP (Data Management Platform)

The backbone of data-driven marketing which serves as a unifying platform to collect, organize, and activate your first- and third-party audience data from any source, including online, offline, or mobile.

DSP (Demand Supply Platform)

A system that allows buyers of digital advertising to manage multiple ad exchange and data exchange accounts through one interface. 


An estimate of the revenue you received for every thousand ad impressions.


A technology that allows an advertiser to select a geographic point using latitude and longitude information and then create a virtual “fence” around that point of given radius.  This is similar to the way advertisers get a select group of people on local channels. 

Intelligent Agents

Software tools which help the user find information of specific interest to him/her.  The user’s profile is continually refined and improved based on the user’s acceptance or rejection of recommendations over time.

Landing page optimization

One part of a broader internet marketing process with the goal of improving the percentage of visitors to the website that become sales leads and customers. 

Lead Recapture

The strategy of a lead recapture is the process of capturing the data about the user because of the promise of getting what they want.  Once the brand fulfills that promise, the user will be more open to their continued conversation with us.

 Loyalty loop

The concept that when clients refer, recommend or like your business they are bonding with your company in a more powerful way, becoming more loyal and are more likely to refer your company again and again. 

Native Advertising

A web advertising method in which the advertiser attempts to gain attention by providing content in the context of the user’s experience. The idea is to make the paid advertising feel less intrusive so users will click on it.

Programmatic Buying

A process that enables marketers to consolidate customer interactions across multiple channels into a single dashboard to then use a single overarching strategy about how to best engage with those audiences.

Responsive web design

A website that responds to the device that accesses it by specifying how it should appear on varied devices.


Specifications that provide advertisers with the ability to measure view ability, as well as obtain new insights and more accurately assess an ad campaign’s success.


An ad unit typically placed on the side of a website to display creative information.  Many are Rich Media ads: animation, flash HTML5.

SSP (Supply side platform)

A technology platform with the single mission of enabling publishers to manage their ad impression inventory and maximize revenue from digital media.  This system interfaces to an ad exchange, which in turn interfaces to a DSP on the advertiser side. 

Viewable Ad Impression

A metric of ads which were actually viewable when served but cannot measure whether ad content was actually visible to a viewer. 

Wrap-up Reports

A report compiled by digital media sales professionals that identifies successful areas of the digital advertising campaign.

Yield Management

Yield and Revenue Management is the process of understanding, anticipating and influencing advertiser and consumer behavior in order to maximize profits through better selling, pricing, packaging and inventory management, while delivering value to advertisers and site users.

If you are not sure you can remember all these 20 terms you can always check back on our post or download our FREE Acronym Tool on our website which includes these digital terms and many more.  You can also click on the link below for faster access to our Acronym Tool. 

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