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Anna Adamczyk

By: Anna Adamczyk on June 25th, 2015

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The Manager’s Guide to Communicating like a Leader

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Managers are tasked with being accountable for their team, as well as, relaying between their superiors and those that they manage. It’s a difficult spot to be in and unfortunately many managers fail to live up to their potential as great leaders.

There are many issues that can hinder success, but the majority of them stem from poor communication. Members of a team want to look to their manager for direction and usually whether intentionally or not, they may start to emulate their superior’s behavior, attitude, and approach.

As a manager it’s important to hold yourself responsible for embodying the traits you want your people to have. Differentiate yourself as a great manager and a true leader by being a successful communicator.

You know who you’re talking to

Let’s use the example here that in order to maintain successful relationships, you probably wouldn’t talk to your mother the same way you talk to your mailman.

Always being aware of who you’re talking to, your relationship, and any prior interactions is essential. Keeping these things in mind should dictate how you approach any dialog you engage in.

You’re honest

The people you work for, as well as those who work for you should be able to trust you. Being dishonest and closed-off is one of the fastest ways to lose any trust you could have had.

Not being honest will compromise your credibility. Being open, respectful, and honest in your communication will help those around you feel that they can do the same.

Discussing issues as they come up and not sweeping things under the rug is a fundamental element of being an honest communicator.

You’re authentic

Putting on a show is exhausting and hard to maintain. If you’re genuine in your interactions and approach, it will be much easier on you and those around you won’t grow resentful.

By acting with integrity, you’re setting an example of what you value in others.

You listen


Communicating as a manager is not simply ensuring that others listen to you. It’s about making sure you’re listening to them even more than you’re speaking.

Actually hearing what others are saying to you is what effective communication is all about.

Listening and taking the time to fully process and comprehend what others are saying is key.

Your team will appreciate the fact that even though you might not be able to act upon their every grumble or pain-point right away, just knowing that they’ve been heard will help ease their concerns.

You’re proactive

If you’re noticing that someone is acting a bit off, don’t wait until they come to you to tell you what’s on their mind.

Learning to approach others and ask about what may be happening is a major component of being a great manager. Be proactive about fostering open discussion and quickly, but thoughtfully establish follow-up steps to solve any issues.

In a world where communication should be so simple because of the fact everyone’s instantly connected now, it can actually be more difficult to open up. By being a genuine, honest, and proactive listener, you’ll be on the path to becoming a successful communicator and leader.

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