Q&A with Domenic Venuto, The Weather Company Blog Feature

By: Digital Media Training on December 22nd, 2015

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Q&A with Domenic Venuto, The Weather Company

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Let's get to know Domenic:

As general manager for The Weather Company's Consumer Division, Domenic Venuto is responsible for leading the company's consumer weather products across all digital platforms as well as building Weather's location-based products, capabilities, activation, and analytics.

Domenic_Venuto.jpgThe Consumer Division includes AdFX, the team that creates localized ad targeting solutions using Weather's access to location data and the most comprehensive weather data in the world.

Prior to Weather, Venuto served as global president, data, technology & partnerships at VivaKi, of Publicis Groupe. There, he led a global team, overseeing product, strategy, engineering and partnerships to develop proprietary programmatic products that interface with external data, ad tech and publisher platforms. He has also held positions within Razorfish and started his career at Arthur Andersen.

As someone who knows how to develop effective strategies in shifting and disruptive climates, Domenic also believes that charm, good food, and intelligent straight talk can do wonders in moving an idea from slideware to reality.

Now it's time for the questions:

Which “hot topics” in the industry seem to be impacting your day-to-day most?

DV: The issues of the day are the same ones bouncing around our industry's echo chamber - viewability, fraud, and ad blocking. These are important issues that need to be addressed and we are doing our part for sure, but it doesn't dominate our day-to-day.

The two biggest hot topics we're 100% dedicated to are: continued innovation in our consumer products to meet the demands of shifting consumer habits and continued innovation in mobile ad models.

On the former we just launched our new app on the iOS platform and soon Android to great accolades and increased adoption. We will continue releasing updates throughout 2016. On the latter, we boast unique native elements like our branded backgrounds that sit under the forecast in the prime first place position on the app. These are beautifully designed and engaging experiences our advertisers love as they boost engagement a hundredfold over traditional banners.

How do you think your industry will change in the next year?

DV: It will become increasingly competitive. The consumer shift to mobile will continue and that will pose challenges to many businesses that have been built off the back of robust hardworking websites. Mobile for many has yet to yield that yield.

On the sales side we continue to see the need for consultative selling. A growing need more than ever in 2016 as the new dynamics demand it - especially as innovation and creativity is what is now building client relationships and defining success.

What changes do you see significantly impacting the media landscape in 2016?

DV: I think the items I mentioned in the answer to the previous question will have a great impact.

I'd only add that programmatic will definitely continue its dominance. Especially private marketplaces. This is a good thing. Advertisers need to own this capability in house and build these skills quickly.

What’s the best piece of advice you ever received?

DV: "If you pay peanuts you get monkeys." Great talent is hard to find; don't skimp and you'll be rewarded.

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