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By: Steve Bookbinder on March 8th, 2016

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A Pacesetter Interview: Q&A with Steven Wolfe Pereira of Oracle

Digital Media Landscape | Q and A series


Let's get to know Steven:

As VP Brand Strategy & Marketing Solutions at the Oracle Data Cloud (ODC), Steven leads the group’s efforts to help CMOs, marketing leaders, and agency partners unlock the value and harness the power of data to discover consumer insights, activate media and measure results. His team focuses on marketing solutions, category development, insights, content marketing, and strategic partnerships. Wolfe Pereira joined Oracle through the acquisition of Datalogix in January 2015, where he served as Chief Marketing Officer.

Now it's time for the Q&A:

Which “hot topics” in the industry seem to be impacting your day-to-day most?

SWP: We’re watching audiences becoming permanently “divorced” from media. That’s significant because merely “renting” an audience no longer works.

“Audience planning” will replace “media planning”. That will be the new critical maneuver for marketers and advertisers. This shift from media planning to audience planning is obviously enabled by the rise of programmatic buying across media channels.

And audience planning means that the entire process starts with consumer driven insights, derived from carefully curated and interpreted data.

How do you think your industry will change in the next year?

SWP: Given this new data driven landscape, we expect to see a “renaissance” in the creative agencies. They will be armed with actionable insights that will drive much richer consumer engagement strategies. And the currencies that define success will be how rapidly the consumer responds and the amount of sales generated.

We will be living in a world where there will be a direct line between consumer engagement and consumption attributed to the level of engagement.

What changes do you see significantly impacting the media landscape in 2016?

SWP:First and foremost, we will see data driven marketing become the “new oil”. Media sellers will need to be able to talk about their respective audiences in specific terms regarding engagement.

The old currencies that drove media transactions will continue to become less and less relevant in this new environment. Merely pitching “gross impressions” will simply become a waste of everyone’s time.

Performance metrics are now focused much more dramatically on final results of a given campaign or marketing effort.

What’s the best piece of advice you ever received?

SWP: One of my mentors is Antonio Lucio. He serves as CMO for Hewlett-Packard and before that held a similar position at Visa.

He once told me, “Learn the rules, master the rules, and then break the rules.” Let me add that it’s critical to do it all in that order! That advice continues to serve me well in this rapidly evolving business environment.


My take:

Steven’s access to CMOs of the top consumer facing companies allows him to take their collective pulses frequently. And there’s no question that the data driven insights, audience planning, engagement, and measurable results process is being embraced widely and quickly.

Every media platform seller, whether legacy, digital, or both, needs to rethink his/her go to market message to synch up with this new reality. If your media platform can’t or won’t adjust, then maybe it’s time to look around for a different place to further your career!

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