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Anna Adamczyk

By: Anna Adamczyk on October 27th, 2014

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The Secrets of a Great Salesperson

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Think of a “salesman”.
What kind of picture did you envision?


Most of us probably conjure up an image of a sort of caricature. The qualities of this fictitious being are usually boisterously exaggerated - they’re loud and talk a lot, they have a response for everything, they can be pushy or even aggressive, they won’t take “no” for an answer, and are wonderful at changing the subject every time you ask a poignant question. Hopefully you don’t have any of those qualities, but if you ever see yourself or someone on your team slowly transforming into this cliché, here are four secrets of what makes a great salesperson. Follow these rules to get back on track to the road to success.


It’s easy for anyone to get caught up in what they have to say, especially when there’s a pitch that’s just begging to be delivered. A great salesperson takes the time to focus on their prospect’s needs. They listen to what the needs, desires, and current problems that require solving are and then pitch their offering as a natural solution. Because their pitch is tailored to what the prospect is actually looking for, they come off as much more helpful and overall more knowledgable.


Tailoring your pitch to the prospect’s needs doesn’t mean just agreeing to solve all of the prospect’s problems. It improves the relationship between you as the salesperson and your client, as well as, between you and the team delivering your solution, to under-promise. It seems to be human nature to want to please others and be seen as someone who can do it all (and get them to sign the contract!), but you need to retain a certain realism when making deals. Over-delivering - by getting them their solution earlier, faster, cheaper - will always be welcome and exceeding those initial expectations will have a positive effect on the future relationship.

Build Trust

Everyone wants to think they’re special. The best salespeople make their prospects feel exceptional, by following up consistently, providing relevant helpful information, and taking the time to adapt and adjust during the sales process to accommodate any sudden needs. Being available after the sale and continuing to check in on the solution’s progress is also a key component to building trust. No one likes to be disregarded and forgotten about. If you neglect to create trust within the relationship, when it’s time for a renewal you shouldn’t be surprised if you’re met with the cold shoulder.

Be Flexible

Anyone who’s stuck in their ways has a difficult time adapting when things start to change. As an outstanding seller, you need to be flexible. That means you’re willing to try new techniques, new methods, and new routines. Sure, maybe what you’ve been doing has been working for you. But are you really going to stay in that limited comfort zone? How do you know what else is out there? There’s always room for improvement and being willing to change your ways is the only path to get you there. Using experience and training as their guidance, the best salespeople adopt a system of documenting their ‘trials’ of new ways of doing things in order to see what can really work for them.

Using these secrets daily in your own process will pave the way to your sales success. Funnily enough, they may even improve all aspects of your life...

Who was your favorite salesman, or woman, character on television or film? What’s your best sales secret?

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